My poem is called “Beautiful like Red Roses.” I wanted it to reflect on what true beauty is. The poem is about the beauty that is often forgotten and left behind. It is about defining the riches of life in their truest form and deepening beauty to realize it is all around. It was hard for me to get the words flowing, but later I was inspired by my mother’s sonnet book with a ruby red ribbon in the middle and glowing like sunrays. As I read the poems, I wanted mine to be visual and portray a beauty that is rarely seen. Parts of this poem I dug out from inside of me.  I don’t really know where it came from.

Beautiful Like Red Roses

How’s something beautiful truly defined?
Beauty hides in small drops of crystal dew,
On the red roses, being tossed behind,
Beauty hides in whispers of wind, like few.

Beauty is in a person’s inner soul
As if it was beautified with makeup
Silver moon and red rose petal filled bowl
Glitters and radiates the heart’s breakup.

Beauty is hard to find, but if you know
Then you can feel how far, deep down it twists
And turns you into a green vine that grows
Running like oceans, on your skin, it mists.

True beauty, like red roses, sweet as crème
And glowing like a deep red wine sunbeam.

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