My photostory is a series of hand made pictures and my voice overlays with the drawings.  It is for Whirligig, a book by Paul Fleischman. I drew a pale face and yellow hair to represent the protagonist, I drew the conflict, the whirligigs, for the rising action, the denouement with the gleaming sun rays shinning on the main character, and the theme to show love of life. I loved expressing my love for the story through hand made art. Although, there were some difficult elements to the project, and Mrs. Gates knows what I mean! Putting the pictures on the computer and incorporating it with technology was dreadful at first, but I am now very pleased with how it turned out. I learned how to use the very technical program, but add my handmade flair to it. I love the way my own pictures flow with the words and paint the picture of the book that I wanted to be portrayed.

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