I wrote my Dickens sentence model following the example in A Christmas Carol. I wrote it with a warm, tender family and people they did not know, but loved, “coming in.” It was very challenging to get into the rhythm of the way all the sentences flowed together and where the commas should go, for I am the Queen of forgetting commas! I enjoyed learning how to write like Dickens with the language and the long, descriptive sentences.

Dickens Model

    In came Mamá with a pearly candle in hand, and went up to my cozy red room, and made a gay parade of it, and twirled like Chinese parasol dancers with one hundred graceful spins. In she came, one light beam in her vast dark eyes. In came the three white angels, shuffling and sweet. In came the kitten whose petite lick gave off a cozy feeling. In came the wishing winter wind that wafted up the nostrils of the occupants of the room. In came the poor man, with his young daughter, the seller of white flowers. In came the smell of rich meat, with hints of something peppermint green, mint jelly. In came the daddy from his back breaking job, that paid little and made him sad; trying to hide his clear river tears before he opened the blue lip of the small house in a bad neiborhood but one, who watched his friends bloody faces mashed into the ground. In they all came, one after another, some timidly, some delightedly, some elegantly, some deliciously, some crying, some wafting; in they all came, simply and beautifully. For they all came with love.    

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