In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, racism is the poignant, simple truth, the deep hatred, and the lining of the town. The whole town is a speck of dust in the earth’s big blue ocean. The town is small and together, but within the town the people have very different feelings and how they live. There racism lies beneath the whites, like cantankerous Mrs. Dubose. She, along with many others, thrust hateful words at Atticus and his children for fighting for justice by defending a black man. Mrs. Dubose, in her pain and suffering, repeats her druthers over and over: “Your father’s no better than the niggers and trash he works for.” Francis also yells his “intelligent” input: “Nigger lover!” This is the rectitude of the whites; it is natural for the whites to talk with hate. The words themselves are enough to tear Jem and Scout apart, but never Atticus because he knows what people will say and how they will react. He knows how whites will cover the blacks, concealing them beneath their white “perfection,” like the snowman. The snowman conceals and hides the black skin and covers with the clean white snow to symbolize the deepening of hatred towards the blacks and the separation of whites and blacks. As the fire melts the white snow, the dirt is revealed and the snowman is no longer perfect, the horrors are coming to light.

I have loved to display my work in this way, so that it portrays my world and what I love.  I believe my page turned out very vibrant and reflective of me. It was difficult for me to portray who I was and what I was thinking as I did my different projects. I learned how I could make the viewers see me through their own eyes. I learned who I was.